OHSHO's commitments

Commitment 1: The Soul of OHSHO -- Gyoza

Gyoza is our signature dish as written in our name, and ours are said to be the soul of OHSHO. We are unrivalled in our pursuit of this commitment.

Our main ingredients (pork, cabbage, chives, garlic, ginger, and flour) are all procured from Japanese sources. Among these ingredients, we are steadfast in procuring our garlic from Aomori and our flour from Hokaido.

Aomori has fantastic farmland with the perfect climate for garlic, which is an overwintering crop. The garlic is harvested in June after being sweetened by enduring the harsh cold of Aomori under the snow.
The greatest characteristic of Hokkaido flour is the rich flavor. Advanced moisture control is a must to achieve a high quality skin from the extra sticky Hokkaido flour.

100% Japanese No frozen storage! Direct from our factories to each store!

These fresh ingredients take shape into gyoza filling and skins in a safe manner that offers peace-of-mind through our secret recipe and processing methods at all our factories located in Japan. Our gyoza dumplings are shipped directly from the factory to stores every day without any freezing from manufacture to delivery so that each dumpling will always be eaten fresh.

The gyoza cooked to crispy perfection on an iron griddle unique to OHSHO tantalizes the tongue with the harmony of the rich, crunchy flavor of skin and the juicy, savory filling.

Gyoza OHSHO brings together the taste of Japanese ingredients with our secret techniques.

Commitment 2: Handmade Food

Fried rice, stir-fried liver and Chinese chives, sweet-and-sour pork, twice cooked pork, and a variety of other handmade Chinese dishes are available as many of the delights offered by OHSHO other than gyoza. Our commitment to handmade cuisine is our desire to pursue the best food for our customers by flexibly responding to the needs of our diners, such as those who want spicy mapo tofu, while offering food hot off the grill that shows our passions.

Moreover, our large staff who have a high-level of culinary skill is what makes everything possible. One of the attractive features of OHSHO is also the original menu at each of our stores that is realized through the skill and originality of our staff. We even have customers who venture all over Japan in pursuit discover each original menu.

Commitment 3: Pursuit of Peace-of-Mind and Safety

The ability for our customers to eat with peace-of-mind is of the utmost importance as a restaurant. Therefore, we strive for peace-of-mind and safety at OHSHO.

Most of our ingredients are Japanese from the rice and pork to the chicken and vegetables. We manage information with focus on traceability by obtaining production reports from our suppliers. Moreover, we have put in place systems together with our suppliers to realize the safety and quality pursued by OHSHO, which includes visits by our employees for sanitary inspections of factories and production sites of our suppliers centered upon pork and vegetables.

We endeavor in comprehensive quality management at our factories from tests that use methods such as visual inspections of ingredients and X-ray devices to prevent contamination before it happens while also conducting microorganism tests.

Commitment 4: Welcoming Spirit

The staff who work at OHSHO always ask themselves what more they can do for the customer. For example, our staff serves hot tea to customers who are waiting in line outside of our stores on cold winter days. This kind of service is not part of a manual, but action taken from the welcoming spirit of each and every employee at our restaurants throughout Japan.

The OHSHO DNA to always ask what more can be done for the customer that has been passed down ceaselessly since our founding goes beyond each generation to continually provide customer satisfaction.