What is the "Just Size Menu"?What is the "Just Size Menu"?

New ways to enjoy OHSHO!

One attractive feature of OHSHO is the voluminous meals, but sometimes you want a little less rather than a little more.
The perfect fit for you is the convenient size and affordable price of the Just Size Menu.

Episode 1 Weekday after work for Dad

“Today was a tough day.
I feel like a drink before going home.
I have work tomorrow though...”

There is something just-right!

Episode 2 Chinese with the girls for Mom

“The girls and I always
have tea and cake.
I want to eat Chinese once and a while.”

There is something just-right!

Episode 3 Exciting fun with the family for me

“A day off together with everyone.
I want an exciting fun time
while everyone eats what they like.”

There is something just-right!

A quick drink to celebrate today with friends!
A drink with some delicious gyoza to snack on before
another day of hard work!

The recommended menu items are here

Sauteed pork liver & garlic chives

Pork fried rice

Sweet & sour pork

Mapo tofu: Tofu & minced pork with spicy chili sauce

A different occasion for the girls
to order whatever they like
with affordable prices friendly to the wallet!

The recommended menu items are here

Ebi chili: Stir-fried shrimp in chilli sauce

Crab meat omelette

Scrambled egg with pork

Deep fried noodles

A Chinese party at OHSHO!
The perfect size for me
to get everything that I like!

The recommended menu items are here

Gyoza: Pan-fried pork dumplings

Kara age: Fried chicken breast

Stir-fried vegetables

Crab meat omelette on rice